Advertise your business on Google! You can reach your potential customers through AdWords in the right place at the right time.
This is the fastest way to get on the first positions of Google, to reinforce your business name with a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network or to show products and services using Mobile Advertising and video ads on YouTube / world’s second largest search engine/.
Do not underestimate the possibilities, which the system for determining the favors of this advertising offers. Only though AdWords you can set specific purposes, track their accomplishment and to make a real time measurements.
We will show your products exactly when somebody is looking for them. The best thing is that the shows of your ad / the impressions/ are free- you will be charged only when somebody visits your website! The ads appear in a light yellow boxes above to the search results in the right section.
PETKOV.Ads manages successfully already whole advertising campaigns of leading Bulgarian brands. We believe that there is always something that we can improve and that we can achieve more effective results. Your time is precious and we know that! That is why we take the whole optimization of your results and we will send you clear and understandable reports about the budget consumption!


Google Search Network

Google Search Network allows your ads to appear on Google on the search result pages. They appear only to people, who are interested right now in the searched theme. These are the ads in yellow, which appear in the right, when you search on Google. Google AdWords Display Network allows your advertising message to reach its target.
The impressions are free. The advertiser pays only when an interested user clicks on his ad and visits his website. In this way you get extremely precise targeted ads both in financial term and in relation to already interested users.

Google adwords search ad

Google Display Network

Google Display Network covers all websites, which are already part of Google Adsense or DoubleClick Ad Exchange such as YouTube, Myspace and many others blogs and sites. All they provide advertising space especially for ads by Google. This means that you can benefit from different text ads, banner ads, image ads in a variety of formats.
The average user spends only 5% of its time on Internet looking for a curtain product. The rest of the time he surfs around the web. This is very helpful for you, because right now you can announce your presence by publishing advertising.
What makes the Google Display Network so special? – The huge variety of methods for targeting the advertising: by theme, interest, contextual targeting, similar audiences, gender, age and others. This gives you the opportunity to advertise tight and to spend extremely well.
A very interesting service that is not very popular yet, but it can be extremely useful. We are talking about remarketing. This is a service that allows you to advertise again to people who have already visited your site, but had not bought anything. But now you have the opportunity to change your advertising massage to attract them as customers.


Google Video and YOUTUBE

The Video advertising has entered so rapidly and obsessive in the advertising sector, that is difficult to imagine your business without it. The advertising forms are so various, which allows a precise trend and extremely precise targeting: In-stream / the advertising video starts before the selected from the user video /, display advertising /appears on the right as an offer/, click to show / turn on the video by request/, advertising in the search results on YouTube or on the right of a YouTube video.Let’s not forget that the budget is spent only for advertising to the right customers.
The platform for video YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Thanks to this range and visibility YouTube plays an important role in online marketing when searching in Google. The wide range of different formats of YouTube enables the prosecution and achievement of different goals.

Google Mobile Advertising

 Google AdWords advertising for mobile devices. We all work now mainly with our tablets or phones, more rarely we open our computers. In this modern and rapidly evolving technology world, it is important how quickly you will show your business on the mobile devices. They displace any other communication technique so fast that it is unthinkable not to advertise on them. A highly effective mobile campaign is like to present your business in front of thousands, even millions of potential customers.

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