If you want to build your blog with WordPress it is necessary to know first what a website with WordPress is. This is a comfortable and beautiful an open code system for developing of websites, bogs and even small online shops. It is adaptable and it allows quick modification and update when needed. WordPress has very intuitive administrative panel that allows you easy and quick navigation of all kinds of articles – tables, video, text, links and others.


So, know when you know what WordPress is, why should you choose it? WordPress offers a light and easy to work with administrative panel that will makes your daily work with articles, news and publications easy. Furthermore WordPress is favorite of Google! Yes, that’s right. The websites that are developed with this system have high on-page optimization and often quickly rank on first positions. We cannot miss to tell you that there are many available free add-ons for WordPress as well as a good anti-spam protection. Last but not least, we will tell you one more advantage of WordPress- the good opportunity for adapting the site to different devices- smartphones, tablets.

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